Basic height Safety Facts

What is a Kilo Newton or kN?

A Kilo Newton is a force that engineers often refer to but can easily be converted to Kilogram’s that we can all understand it easier.

This is easy to do by just multiplying the amount stated as Kilo Newtons by 100. So 1kN is 1 x 100 = 100kgs, 3.2kN is 3.2 x 100 = 320kgs, 28.32kN is 28.32 x 100 = 2832kgs and so on.

So for instance, the 6kN force that all fall arrest blocks have to manage to come under, equates to 600kgs.

How fast do I fall?

To make this easier we have limited it to just the first 3 seconds as you will soon see everything else is irrelevant:

  • In ½ a second you will fall 1.2 metres
  • In 1 second you will fall 5 metres
  • In 1½ seconds you will fall 11 metres
  • In 2 seconds you will fall 20 metres
  • In 2½ seconds you will fall 31 metres
  • In 3 seconds you will fall 44 metres

So if we take an average 2 storey building including the roof at 10 metres, in a fall of 1½ seconds in time you would have travelled further than its full height.