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Tirfor TU Manual Wire Rope Hoists

Tirfor TU Manual Wire Rope Hoists Tirfor TU Manual Wire Rope Hoist
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These manual hoists were developed for heavy duty applications and extreme circumstances. They are versatile and can be used for lifting, pulling, lowering, tensioning and securing loads in all directions.

They are easy to install and are operated by a single man using the telescopic control lever. The have shear pins that provide overload protection.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compliant to EN13157
  • Low-wear clamping jaws to increase the rope life
  • Working load can be increased by using sheave blocks
  • Secure release system
  • Load capacities from 800 - 3200kg
Sales price excluding VAT & carriage
Tirfor TU-8 - WLL 800kg - 8.3mm Wire Rope €1,053.60
Tirfor TU-16 - WLL 1600kg - 11.5mm Wire Rope €1,507.20
Tirfor TU-32 - WLL 3200kg - 16.3mm Wire Rope €2,257.20

The units are supplied without ropes which need to be purchased separately.

Wire Ropes:
Length: 8.3mm 11.5mm 16.3mm
10m €178.80 €206.40 €237.60
15m €219.60 €279.60 €309.60
20m €278.40 €362.40 €385.40
30m €362.40 €460.80 €525.60
40m €456.00 €585.60 €672.00
50m €552.00 €710.40 €820.80

Other rope lengths are available - please contact us for a quotation.